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Sridhar jhawar

Gold Medalist in Advanced Account(96/100) in IPCC-Nov.12 attempt

.More than capability it was CA. Susheel Bhandari sirs teaching style and guidance which had allowed me to secure the marks.I would just like to say that sirs textbook is gita.khuran and bible.If u can do the sirs textbook perfectly then there is no need refer anyother book including the module.

kaustubh Velapure

Feedback for CA Nilamkumar Bhandari Sir

A student friendly Teacher.
A Great examination planner to crack CA exam.
A motivator, time management GURU who understands and observes student mind very quickly.
He teaches Law and SM conceptually with simple examples.
His 1st day lecture on “HOW TO WRITE ANSWER IN EXAM” gives all students confidence to get through
exam and achieve success in it.
At last his ‘SMART STUDY’ unique formula differentiates him from other facilities.

Thank You Sir

                          Kaustubh P Velapure

Abhishek Mittal

Aesha ma'm----> conceptual clarity,logic based, lucid language and systematic approach epitomises her style of teaching..QT is basically lots of problem solving with abberrative one has to maintain a high level of concentration while solving the problems..Aesha ma'm has dis unique hold over student's approach as well as psyche towards exams..n dis is were she is good..really really good..her notes are constantly updated to tackle the various juggernauts the institute 'may' probably try on students..and more often den not she is bang on target..her approach of revising the subject makes it all the more easier for us especially on the the day before exam as costing is an ocean put together with scoring in qt becomes very critical..friends, I would highly recommend u all to join her class without thinking even once..i can vouch for your success..thanks aesha ma'm..i wouldn't score exemption without your much needed help..thanks a tonne..!

Megha Baheti

I've decided to write you a small note, thanking you for your help. I enjoyed being taught by you immensely; you are an excellent teacher and have inspired me to continue learning with an open and positive mind. Every day you have planted a seed of motivation in me which helped me to fulfil my potential. Ma’am i  will be always thankful to you for nudging not only good insight for the subject but also for breeding in me a positive confidence when i was low. Your friendly gesture has helped me to shoot my goal with more zeal and enthusiasm. I really appreciate all your hard work, it’s meant so much to me.

Once again, thank you so much for your time, expertise and patience!

Gaurav Pitale

It was a wonderful experience... I mean, never thought that Ca Final curriculum will have such an interesting subject... and I will learn the same from a vivacious faculty. To be honest, the only class which I attended happily... Aesha Ma'am's style of teaching is unique... Her lectures were always interactive.. Most importantly, the notes are meticulously prepared, concise and with markings.. which facilitates in last minute revision...

She is always keen to teach the basics very well... so, that we can cope with any kind of problem... And mind you, the nature and pattern of questions asked QT these days are based on the basics... I thoroughly enjoyed attending her classes.

P.S. Her's were the only classes which never needed a :"SONG BREAK" in order to keep students awake and attentive....

Gauri Joshi

Quantitative Techniques is not a scoring subject for students who are not confident of their knowledge of statistics. Aesha Ma’am has the ability to make the subject scoring for all the students. She focuses on logical derivations and interpretations of each step while solving the problems so that problem solving does not remain merely some
operations on numbers. Her methods of teaching also make it easy to understand and remember the theory of the subject. After joining her class, I feel much more confident of the subject.

Kinjal Babriya


I had a wonderful experience learning fm with Prashant sir. I never thought fm could be so interesting. He has a very friendly approach and is very well versed with the mindset of students  practical problem. I thank sir for making all the concepts very clear and being with him made us , being at home.


 For a subject like this kind .we need a tutor who teaches the concept. what we need at the start of   CA studies is “THE PUSH” and Nilam sir has done it for all of us by

making this subject a very interesting one; loads of practical examples that we discussed every day made each day a new experience.. He was never a tleacher to us but was always a friend.


My Experience of  taking the Combo Batch was a good one. it saved a lot of time. Opting for combo was a smarts decision than having a hectic schedule of 10-12 hrs a day. Shifting from one subject to the other increased  our grasping power in less time .It is a really very innovative way of saving time and gaining more.

Harshada Bhatawdekar

 I am lucky to say that,i am the student of FM Revision Batch of Sarda Sir...His guidelines that,Paper presentation matters a lot,Time Management Technique and Analysis of problem helped me to score more in Costing FM...Sir always emphasis that,"Understand the Logic behind every Concept and Formula"...So,Sirs "fm fundas "helped me to score more ...Apart from that,he is Helping,Student Friendly,a Perfect Teacher and not only A Lecturer...

Sumeet Agrawal

My Experience about Sir's teaching:
First day- Introduction
Second day to Second last day- Knowledge with humor
Last Day- Dhamaal Party and lots of tears
Result- I scored 58 marks in COSTFM and achieved 38th rank on all India level in CAPCC
The only thing i wanna say:
When u r in trouble, god sends his angel to help u.. He came to me as an angel and helped me to achieve success.
Thank You Prashant sir....

Varsha Agarwal

Subodh Sir’s class notes, special tips in class, extensive practice,encouraging talks, session on how to plan for IPCE had been strongest support through our exam preparation and attempt.Sir has always been an inspiration to us. It is all because of the confidence that he showed in us and the most needed help of his that makes us walk that extra mile everyday.

Sir, thank you for being a very vital part of this memorable phase of mine.

Shruti C. Kedia

The strategical guidance extended by Subodh Sir, when you are a sophomore, helps you ease through your passionate journey towards becoming a Chartered. His style of teaching is phenomenal. Also Bhandari Sir’s teaching adds a new flavour to your thoughts, presentations and understanding things.  I owe my 90 marks in Costing and 83 marks in Accountancy to the respective teachers.

Anuj lasaria

When I First gave a thought to the combo batch I had no clue about it..

But  when I joined it I feel it was the Best decision of Mine .Not only wast there proper combination of Law And Fm with Best Teaching, but also Saved my Two months  of time . I will recommend every friend of mine to join Combo

Rutuja Bhonde

Advanced Management Accounting & Direct Taxes. I was familiar with Bhandari  Sir's & Subodh Sir's teaching right from PCC.

"Which classes to join for Final?" was not a question to be thought upon.

Planned studies & "EXCELLENT" guidance from Bhandari Sir & Subodh Sir helped me to attempt all papers with confidence. Conceptual explanations from both the Professors helped me to consolidate my understanding of the subjects.

Harsha Bhattad

Studying Audit with Rachna Phadke Mam never made me feel that it was a theoretical subject! And contrary to the age old belief that it often threatens one’s chances of clearing the exam, it became one of my strengths and added a whopping chunk of marks and ensured a merit rank for me! Her teaching has a very practical approach and she taught me to self learn as much as possible which is the best aspect of any teaching I feel i.e. making students self dependent.

Her guidance, approachability, friendliness and beautiful voice played catalysts in my securing the result I actually secured!

I will always be thankful that I chose “EXCELLENT”.....!

Payal Golchha

If you have not loved the subject "Auditing" as yet, you must take an opportunity to meet this sweet lady, our lovely Rachana Mam. She will make you fall in love with the subject. A blend of practical experiences and live examples just eases your comfort with the concepts of the subject. Her sincerity, dedication and devotion will make you work the same way. She is accessible and approachable whenever you need her.

I feel blessed to have her guidance and support all through. Thank You Mam..

Komal Bhansal

"I had attended Rachana mam's first lecture, which was conducted in our advance accounts timings and of course it was her demo lecture in our class. I really like her teaching, the way she connects various examples and teaches us. We can understand it quiet well and all concepts are well understood by us."

Shifa Shaikh

"The auditing classes conducted by CA Rachna Phadake are very interesting. The conceptual clarities are very good. The sessions are very much interactive and the daily revisions are just great. The atmosphere is also very friendly."

Farhaz Khan

"Bhandari sir's way of presenting and delivering the lectures was very dynamic. His teaching is 100% exam oriented. His teaching boosted my energy. Attending his class is value for money."

Shrikant Chandure

"Bhandari sir is very friendly. His observation about every concept is also very minute. He gives personal attention towards all students. He teaches very passionately. His confidence and way of delivering lecture is too good. Space is not sufficient to write about him, so SUPPLIMENT PLEASE."

Mayank Morollya

"Learning FM from prashant sir was a wonderful experience. I had lot of fear about FM before the lectures. However sir is very student friendly. He cleared all my doubts and developed confidence in me for FM."

Pooja Ganpule

"It was very enjoyable to study financial management with sarda sir. The subject is taught in deep and the practical problems are taken due care of and taught properly. The class is very lively. Every student is given personal attention & the classes are interactive. Doubts are well answered, proper tests are conducted at the end & proper revision are also taken."

Aditya Ayer

"Very systematic format-oriented teaching. He creates a very lively atmosphere in the classroom that made learning a pleasure. He taught all topics in a very organized manner which gave us a good conceptual insight into the subject matter. The best aspect of his teaching is that he uses compact and easy to remember formats to solve problems that make revision during the study-leave quite easy."

Aditi Swaroop

"Success is not possible without constant guidance and support. Words cannot express my gratitude towards Bhandari Sir. He inspired me at every step and make it possible for me to realize my dreams."

Chetan Patil

"CA Subodh Shah has a unique style of teaching with absolute conceptual clarity which i have never seen in any other faculty."

Gopal Agarwal

"CA Subodh Shah taught me to believe in myself and to excel."

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